Dec 20 2006

The Five-Things-You-Don’t-Know-About-Me tag game

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Eric Kintz at HP just hit me with the tag to disclose five things you may or may not know about me.

Here goes.

1. I was in a Milli Vanilli video, invisible, but present. I am also tone deaf, the world's worst dancer, and a very unmusical individual (I play a bad ukulele).
2. I was once the fastest man in my age group in Indoor Rowing for heavyweight men in the One Hour category. I also was a very competitive sailboat racer in my youth but gave it up due to anger management issues.
3. I was a bartender for six years in my twenties while starting my journalism career. What I know about human relations I learned behind "the stick."
4. I wrote a novel in college (which sucked). I continue to wish to be a novelist.
5. I know how to navigate the old-pre-GPS way with a sextant and chronometer.

Okay. I hereby tag:

Ben Lipman, Mark Hopkins, Jim Forbes, Krista Summitt and Suyog

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5 Responses to “The Five-Things-You-Don’t-Know-About-Me tag game”

  1. Eric Kintzon 20 Dec 2006 at 12:48 pm

    Great top 5 list! Thanks for participating in the blog-tag game! Eric

  2. Juan deFucaon 20 Dec 2006 at 2:57 pm

    oh and youax me why I want a ship’s chronograph?
    Be serious, dude, in the last four generations on MaForbes’ side there have been:
    two ships masters, seven surveyors, three navigators, two cartoonists, one naval gunfire and air attack observor (Me), and two teachers, two field engineering dudes and sadly no felons. but collectively we’ve all probably caught 10,000 or so trout without the use of explosives.


  3. [...] David Churbuck has tagged me to 5 things you dont know about me. Considering the torrid relation (and very soon heading towards splitsville) I’ve been having with his company (Lenovo), I must say David would have been the last person I would have expected a tag from. [...]

  4. [...] I actually saw this coming when I saw the post at Aviansh site. Since it’s a small world I expected it hitting me soon. So, I was brought into this by Krista, who was tagged by David Churbuck. [...]

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    Anger Management

    Anger Management

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