Oct 24 2012

I’ve got a feeling about Sandy

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Hurricane season is still in effect, and with my two boats still riding on their moorings my weather senses remain dialed up and on alert. Something about Tropical Storm Sandy, about to make landfall in Jamaica, has me nervous. I know in my heart not to care until Saturday or Sunday, but with my haul-out date coming extraordinarily late this year on November 2, my sailorly superstitions are making me wonder where this storm is headed.

The track shows an easterly tendency out to sea, but for some reason this one is set up on a vector that has me a little more paranoid than usual.


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  1. Fred Johansonon 24 Oct 2012 at 6:05 PM

    Aubuchon subscribes to a private weather service and this guy is very concerned about this storm. He thinks it could be very destructive. I’m glad the Darby Duck came out yesterday. Best of luck, David.

  2. Charlie Bartholdon 24 Oct 2012 at 6:56 PM


    As an aspiring weather geek I’ve been tracking for a few days and have learned the following. 1. It will land north of Boston. 2. It will and south of Boston. 3. It will head out to sea. 4. It will head out to sea and then head back in. 5. It will destroy New Jersey. How’s that for consensus? Here’s the one bit of data that does concern me. Water temps are 5 degrees above normal. If you’re trying to divert a hurricane lots of warm water sitting around doesn’t help.

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