Dec 12 2012

Erg Playlists — 2013 edition from Row2K

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I’ve written before about the necessity of a good playlist to make it through a winter’s worth of erg rowing. Now that I am training for the CRASH-B sprints (Feb. 17 in Boston, registration now open until Jan 7), I back to messing around with playlists on my android phone.

Row2k — the best source of all rowing news online — has a feature on erg playlists and a poll to vote for your favorite (I voted for Rammstein’s Du Hast as it is prominent on my go-to list and is utterly teutonic sturm und drang). I also respect the Rage Against the Machine on Row2k’s list, but have to puke on Jackson Brown. Now to go compile this sucker off of Amazon and load it up for my next bout with the Wheel of Pain.

If you row and you read Row2k you owe them a contribution. Send them $60 and get an awesome t-shirt. No site matches the depth of their coverage, the completeness of their calendar, the awesomeness of the features, the relevance of their news and the usefulness of their classifieds.

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  1. Estebanon 17 Dec 2012 at 8:33 PM

    Interestingly enough I share several tracks on my biking and running playlists.

    I skip the popish stuff (black eyed peas? Marky Mark? Kelly Clarkson!?!?) and add some Grunge, some Nine inch nails (great for sprints) as well as some 70’s classics (Purple, Zeppelin…)

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