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Jan 18 2013

The Music with Talking Thing has to end

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I listen to a lot of ambient music during the day while I work — I’ve always listened to something in the background while writing — generally instrumental stuff streamed through which I can tune out but which gets rid of the bleak silence of my office ¬†hereon the Cape or in Manhattan. I’ve noticed over the last six months a lot of music incorporates people speaking ¬†— not singing — fragments of everyday conversations over the music. This is not singing. This is talking. Thank god has a “ban” button so I can banish this stuff forever. But I swear there’s more of it and it keeps coming.

I give you “Little Fluffy Clouds” by The Orb.

YouTube Preview Image

And finally, “Close Your Eyes and Daydream” by Obfusc. This one was the last straw and forced this rant out of me.

YouTube Preview Image

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