May 09 2011

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Inspired by Timothy Blee's excellent disclosure statement and wanting to practice what I've preached in the past from the ethical high horse of being a former member of the mainstream press, I offer this disclosure statement to outline my affiliations and sources of income. With money sloshing around all corners of the internet, I wanted to make it clear when I was speaking with an economic interest looking over my shoulder.

The Blog

I write this on my own time, with no compensation from any employer or third party. This blog does not accept nor display advertising, paid links, or participate in an pay-per-post schemes. No overt search engine optimization is practiced in the belief that if you are overltly conscious of SEO you're doing something wrong or trying to rank higher than you organically should.

Sources of Income

I am a strategy consultant at a New York City advisory boutique - Eastman Advisors, LLC -- that specializes in intellectual property, digital media and entertainment, (especially music) and e-commerce. I cannot disclose the name of the firm's clients or partners publicly out of respect for the high standards of privacy and confidentiality established by firm's founding partners. I do not disclose my client's names out of respect for their confidentiality. If I do mention a client in a blog post I will do so only with their prior approval and full disclosure of my relationship to them. At present my consulting work extends to an internet media company, a retailer, and a professional services agency. I will not blog on a client's behalf, nor link to them in any effort to improve their search rankings, promote their products or services, etc.

I am a freelance technology marketing writer who contributes editorial services to several corporate clients in the capacity of ghostwriter and editorial consultant. I am under strict nondisclosure agreements with those clients and so cannot disclose their identity nor specific projects. I will not blog about nor promote those clients without full disclosure. I have no investment position in any clients. I charge a combination of rates:

  • Hourly: $150
  • Per word: $1.50
  • Flat project rates to be negotiated.


I own no shares in any publicly traded companies. I am presently involved in the startup launch of a new venture under the Eastman Advisors partnership and have approximately 25% of that project's equity.

Memberships and contributions

I am the former president of the Association of the Cotuit Mosquito Yacht Club, a local 501c3 organization that raises funds in support of the Cotuit Mosquito Yacht Club; and am member of the Wianno Club in Osterville, MA, the Yale Club of New York City, and the Union Boat Club of Boston. I am a registered Independent voter and make no contributions to any political candidates.  I contribute to the Conservation Law Foundation, Massachusetts Audubon, the Society of American Baseball Research, the ACMYC, the Appalachian Mountain Club, the Cotuit Athletic Association and my alma maters: the Brooks School and Yale College.

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